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Session 3 | Virtual Session

Congratulations on completing session 3 of the REDF Accelerator program! Below you can find an accumulation of all the material presented in during session 3 of the REDF Accelerator program. You will find that the material is in alignment with the program agenda and organized by the day it was presented. Please reach out if you have any questions regarding the material presented below.

Thank you all again for engaging in the REDF Accelerator whole heatedly and bringing your full self to the program. We are excited to continue to learn and grow together!



Welcome & Overview:

Facilitator: Anastasia David | Manager, Leadership Programs | REDF, Brian Burrell | Senior Associate Leadership Programs | REDF

Employee Supports (Part 3)

Facilitator: Galiana Fajardo | Portfolio Manager | REDF

Business Modeling for Scale

Facilitator: Megan Christenson | Social Innovation & Impact Investment Strategist | +Acumen

Steps for Healthy ESE Recession Planning

Facilitator: Brian Burrell | Senior Associate Leadership Programs | REDF, Anastasia David | Manager, Leadership Programs | REDF


Business Operations (Part 3):

Facilitator: Yodit Beyene | Associate Director, Growth Portfolio & Accelerator | REDF, Alex Wong | Senior Portfolio Associate | REDF

Long-Term Financial Planning & Financial Metrics:

Facilitator: Megan Christenson | Social Innovation & Impact Investment Strategist | +Acumen


Link to Financial Story that Scales Worksheet


Impact Measurements Unit – Impact Economics:

Facilitator: Megan Christenson | Social Innovation & Impact Investment Strategist | +Acumen


Link to Impact Metrics Activity Worksheet




Solution Salon:

Facilitator: Brian Burrell | Senior Associate Leadership Programs | REDF


Peer Due Diligence for Growth:

Facilitator: Megan Christenson | Social Innovation & Impact Investment Strategist | +Acumen

2020 REDF Accelerator | Investment Criteria | Peer Due Diligence


Race, Equity & ESE:

Facilitator: Anastasia David | Manager, Leadership Programs | REDF


Gratitude & Role Reversal:

Facilitator: Brian Burrell | Senior Associate Leadership Programs | REDF, Anastasia David | Manager, Leadership Programs | REDF

Reflections and Thank Yous


Journey Continues:

Facilitator: Anastasia David | Manager, Leadership Programs | REDF, Jalpa Patel


You can find the contact information for our presenters:

  • Jalpa Patel – Accelerator Alumni Relationship Manager –
    • You can always reach out with any questions you have or add time to my calendar here if you would like to talk about any of the issues your business or programs are facing.
  • Emilie Linick – Director, Impact Lending –


REDF Accelerator Alumni Email Highlights:

Once you all are transitioned into Accelerator Alumni you will begin to receive weekly emails from Jalpa with resources and updates. Below we have provided highlights from July’s alumni emails. If you have any questions on any of the resources belwo feel free to reach out to Jalpa Patel by email – or set time on her calendar to chat with her here

In the news/resources:

  • Highlighting a federal unemployment policy update that may impact your employment social enterprise. Recently “the Senate and House unanimously passed legislation clarifying that self-insured nonprofits do not have to pay 100 percent of their unemployment bill upfront and wait for repayment from the state. The Protecting Nonprofits from Catastrophic Cash Flow Strain Act (S.4209) fixes problematic guidance from the U.S. Department of Labor requiring nonprofits to fully reimburse states for the costs of their COVID-19 related unemployment insurance (UI) claims and then seek to be repaid half of the money they just paid. Once the President signs the bill into law, which is expected, reimbursing nonprofits will be charged no more than 50 percent for their COVID-19 related UI claims due to a provision in the CARES Act.”


  • An exciting grant portal that connects California enterprises and nonprofits to state grant and loan opportunities.




  • COVID-19 Global Hackathon 2.0
    • The mental health impact of quarantine is profound: there is increased risk of mental health crisis, depression, substance abuse, and spousal abuse. The COVID-19 Global Hackathon 2.0: Social Isolation & Mental Health from June 27 – July 5 in collaborators AARP, IBM, Salesforce, Headspace, and many more may be a great place for validation/testing/networking ideas you may have. Register here


  • July 21st: Workplace Reimagined Webinar Craig Rice, AIA, LEED AP, and Carissa Mylin, IIDA of SERA Architects will discuss the changing landscape of office and work environments during COVID-19 and best practices from the industry. SERA is a cross-disciplinary architecture and design firm specializing in sustainable design for the built environment.



  • Pro Bono opportunity from Deloitte and TaprootA new and exciting opportunity for your SE to get support from Deloitte advanced degree (MBA) interns in a virtual capacity after their summer internship. It’s easy to get started, simply create your Taproot Plus for Deloitte account to browse project ideas and get started (password: Deloitte2020!). You can find more details of the different types of Taproot Plus Projects here
    • The Opportunity: Deloitte has teamed with Taproot Foundation to provide you with access to Taproot Plus, an online platform where you can connect with volunteers that have a wide range of specialties including data analytics, business development, strategic communications, and process mapping
    • Timeframe: Opportunities should begin on or after July 27th after the conclusion of the Deloitte internship program. You can add opportunities at any time during the summer, but interns will begin browsing opportunities the week before so we encourage you to post projects before July 20th.
    • Who: We are currently advertising this with our advanced degree interns, but anticipate extending participation to other individuals after the summer (e.g., full-time hires before they join Deloitte) and will provide updates on the Taproot Plus platform.
    • Why should I use pro bono support through Taproot Plus? Pro bono service can be a great way to build your organization’s capacity to do even more amazing work for your community. Pro bono volunteers can help fill gaps in skills that your team struggles with or may lack capacity in such as communications, market research, virtual gala / event planning, or data analysis. Connecting with skilled volunteers for pro bono projects and consultations is also an effective way to build your organization’s community of highly engaged supporters.
    • What types of pro bono support can I access through Taproot Plus? Through your Taproot Plus profile, you can team with virtual volunteers for one-hour virtual consultation sessions where you’ll brainstorm together or do some quick problem-solving. You also can request pro bono projects where you’ll connect with a volunteer for 1-6 weeks to tackle a larger-scale, discreet challenge your organization is facing. These projects can be anything from conducting a SWOT analysis, crafting an employee handbook, or revamping financial forecasting models. We have attached a project menu guide to help you think through different project ideas depending on your specific needs.
    • Additional Considerations and Resources:
      • Deloitte will not be involved in overseeing the projects and the platform does not guarantee a match.
      • Any services provided by former Deloitte interns will be provided in their individual capacity and not on behalf of Deloitte. Interested individuals will apply directly to third-party organizations seeking pro bono support.  Deloitte makes no express or implied representation or warranties whatsoever regarding any individual applying through the Taproot and Deloitte platform and does not endorse any individual applying through the platform. Deloitte will not screen resumes nor advocate or negotiate on behalf of either the individual or any third party.
      • Visit Taproot’s Frequently Asked Questions section for nonprofit professionals.
      • Check out a library chock full of resources for social good organizations seeking pro bono inspiration or project management guidance.
      • Taproot Foundation will be hosting a free webinar on Thursday, July 16, 2-3pm EST to provide more information about this opportunity and share best practices for virtual pro bono.
        • Register now to attend and be sure to bring along your questions – there will be plenty of time for live Q&A. If you can’t join live, we encourage you to register anyway and Taproot will share the recording along with plenty of helpful resources afterwards.


REDF Community Benefits

A reminder, that through the REDF Community, you can access some resources that we hope will help to address some of your pressing needs:

  • Advisory Services: If you need immediate, one-on-one advice, related to your business or programs from our REDF team or legal advice from Allen Bromberger of Bromberger Law you can sign up for an advisory session. SIGN UP HERE