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REDFworkshop + Coaching Project

Welcome to the REDFworkshop + Coaching project!

Over the next several weeks, you will learn about the process of planning for growth, begin developing and analyzing your expansion ideas, and receive coaching and guidance throughout. There will be three coaching sessions over the phone, with assignments in between using select resources from the REDFworkshop platform. The project will wrap up with an in-person session to give all participants a chance to meet and discuss the experience.

This is a dedicated page for this project, where you can find all the tools and learning guides that we will use, as well as the schedule of weekly calls and assignments. Should you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Christine Kawakami Edmunds.

Areas of Focus

  • Overview of the business/growth planning process
  • Development of a clear and compelling description of your social enterprise (value proposition, product/service offering)
  • Analysis of one or more potential growth options for your social enterprise (target markets, customer profile, industry analysis, market potential, competitive landscape)
  • Next steps in the business/growth planning process

Project Timeline

Week of May 13

Call agenda:

Assignment #1:

  • Complete sections 1 and 2 (“Enterprise Description” and “Product/Service Description”) of the Social Enterprise Description section of the Business Planning Tool (30-45 minutes)
  • Complete sections 1 and 2 (“Target Market” and “Customer Profile”) of the Market Analysis section of the Business Planning Tool (30-45 minutes)


Week of May 20

Call agenda:

  • Questions on any of the material?
  • Discuss and flesh out answers from the Social Enterprise Description and Market Analysis tools
  • Review assignment for next week

Assignment #2:

  • Complete sections 3, 4 and 6 (“Industry Analysis,” “Market Potential” and “Competitive Landscape”) of the Market Analysis section of the Business Planning Tool (1 – 1.5 hours)


Week of May 27

Call agenda:

  • Questions on any of the material?
  • Discuss and flesh out answers from the Market Analysis tool
  • Next steps to continue the growth planning process beyond this project
  • REDFworkshop platform walk-through

Assignment #3:

  • Questions to reflect on for the in-person session

Lunch and discussion with all project participants

  • Thursday May 30: 11:30am-1:30pm at REDF’s office (Two Embarcadero Center, Suite 650, San Francisco)



2018-12-20 09:47:24


Venture Criteria

What does “success” look like for your social enterprise? Before starting a new social enterprise venture – whether a new start-up social enterprise or a new business line in an existing social enterprise – it is essential to articulate your goals.

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2019-05-10 11:47:32


Pre-Feasibility Assessment

When planning a new social enterprise business, you will want to eliminate bad business ideas early on in the process. The pre-feasibility analysis helps you do so.

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2018-12-06 11:27:24


Feasibility Assessment

How to decide whether to launch a social enterprise business by performing in-depth analysis of the market, operational, and financial viability for your business ideas.

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2016-09-13 14:07:26


Social Costs: What are they and why do we care?

Social costs refer to costs that are necessitated by having a particular social mission. But why is it so important to understand what they are?

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2016-08-24 10:00:50


Quantifying Social Costs

This methodology of how to quantify social costs will help managers understand the extent to which a social enterprise is profitable as a stand-alone business and shape important strategic and operational decisions.

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2017-01-25 12:59:34


The Challenges of Allocating Social Costs

Multiple players bear some portion of the costs to make the social enterprise successful. The challenge in allocating costs lies in drawing a line between one organizational program and another.

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2019-05-09 14:02:58


Key Elements of a Growth Plan

Key considerations to develop a clearly articulated, compelling and comprehensive growth plan for your social enterprise.

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2018-04-15 13:44:14

Learning guide

Break-Even Analysis

Understand the costs of making your products and the price or the volume that it would require to break-even.

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