Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is REDF’s organizational website, which is a resource for learning about REDF’s leadership, strategic direction, and activities. On the other hand, is an entirely separate online platform for those looking to engage in the supportive employment field. It offers thought leadership and community for those looking to employ, invest, influence and inquire in this space. Here’s a small sample of what you can do on

  • Figure out if social enterprise is a good fit for your organization
  • Identify the population you’re hiring and identify any barriers your program might need to address
  • Test out new business ideas and feasibility
  • Create a business plan, market analysis or financial analysis
  • Connect with other stakeholders committed to social enterprise and related career pathways
  • Be inspired by the thoughts and experiences of leaders in the field

Resources on are available by categories of action, directed by you.

Please note: Because of the integrated nature of our tool suite with external programs, we recommend viewing this site using Google Chrome or Firefox, and you’ll also need Microsoft Excel.

You sure can! That heart on your video screen is your method of saving it as a favorite for later viewing. In the future, we aim to enable “favoriting” of all kinds of content. We’ll be watching your usage of this feature to see how valuable it is for you. You can add videos to your favorites and access them at any time via your personal drop down menu located under your name in the top-right corner and then clicking on My Favorites.

See that paper airplane at the top right of your video player? We’ve taken advantage of Vimeo’s embedded sharing feature, and by clicking on the airplane you can share a video out to your networks. 

We also hope you will drive deeper explorations on the topics raised in our video library and other resources by accessing the Discussions area in your personal drop down menu and being part of the conversation.

Tools SuiteTo gain access to the tools suite, users must register.

Once you’re all done registering, you’ll start off with a welcome screen that will go over the three areas that our tools focus on: laying the groundwork for your organization, testing your ideas for value and feasibility, and then getting into the nitty-gritty of business planning.

We encourage all new users to start by completing the Readiness Quiz. This tool will acquaint you with the basics of social enterprise and assess whether it is a good fit for your organization.

There’s a handy Tools Dashboard that will show you the tools you’ve completed or have available. Remember that you must be logged in to see the Tools Dashboard, which you can access via your personal drop down menu located under your name. Can’t remember what the Tools page overview said or want to share its features with a friend? Simply log out and you’ll see that public page again.

We are happy to answer questions about the tools on You can post a topic in the Tools Discussions or you can hit the Send Feedback button on the bottom left-hand corner of any tools page which will call up an email window. You can always email us directly for assistance. We welcome feedback for future iterations.

The Tool Suite is detailed enough that we did not design our mobile interface for access. You’re better served at your primary laptop or desktop location, preferably with your favorite mug beside you.

User DirectoryWe have a Directory for that, but it’s only available for registered users.

Once you’re registered, you are automatically added to this Directory, and are searchable by any other registered user.

When you’re in the Directory, you can narrow your search for peers in a specific sector, growth stage and geographic location, or by populations they serve so you can find others who are working in your ecosystem.

Once you find who you’re looking for, sending them a private message is as simple as clicking next to their profile. This simply goes to the email account they’ve associated with their profile. You can adjust your privacy settings in My Profile to prevent others from being able to send you email.

If you have added a functional URL on the My Organization tab, your organization’s name in the Directory will link directly to your website.

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