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Los Angeles Employer Partnerships


Program overview

  • Include a success story highlighting the benefits to both the participant and the employer
  • Link to download a program one-pager


Hiring partners (logos, links and quotes)

  • If you click on an employer, could an “employer profile” appear (as a pop up or expanded text) highlighting # of years in the program, # of hires to date, types of jobs posted, etc.?
  • Would be great if we could feature a quote from each employer partner (similar to this: https://www.nod.org/about/partners/corporate/)


Partnership benefits

  • The business case, program support, networking and PR opportunities


The employers we seek

  • Describe the types of hiring partners we’re looking for (open to hiring from our target populations, FT jobs, supportive culture, etc.)




Join now


For current partners (password-protected section)

  • Program resources (e.g., letter of intent, OJT paperwork, Job Readiness Assessment, info on WOTC/federal bonding, other employer guides/toolkits/best practices)
  • Job postings
  • Prospective partners not SE/WSC/AJCC like training partners, community affiliates, etc
    • TBD not paid partners where we can highlight their info on our resource or event pages , etc. Partners are paid and affiliates are not .


  • Meetings
  • Referrals
  • Best practices/tips
  • Program Stats
  • Service Provider Resources