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November 2016 Event


A reality we all know is the need for transitional jobs surpasses the supply of transitional job slots. As part of the Prop 47 Transitional Jobs Task Force, LA Chamber of Commerce is currently drafting a motion to the LA County Board of Supervisors on how they can create employment opportunities for returning citizens. In the creation of this report, they too observed a common trend: there are barriers to increasing our social enterprise’ hiring capabilities. In this report, they identify a goal to place 50,000 individuals into employment opportunities in the next five years. Today, our LA SE4Jobs members hire 2,000 members on an annual basis. To help collectively reach this goal, LA Chamber and REDF hosted a conversation on how we can grow the capacity of social enterprises and provide transitional jobs to more individuals!

A couple key themes emerged: Funding, Business Development and Systems Change. We heard from a variety of Social Enterprises, some small, some large, some new, some old. We identified some big picture themes and brainstormed some specific barriers and potential solutions. We then ranked those to help inform specific strategies for LA Chamber to include in their report. Not all were applicable to this specific report, but will also help inform REDF on future programming and speakers for SE4Jobs Events. A couple specific examples: Propose that transitional jobs funding be blended to include both administrative oversight and partially cover wages, Hire a regional sales rep that would drum up business for multiple SEs who are unable to cover a full-time business development staff person, and Propose regional waivers to extend the duration of transitional jobs within WIOA and transitional jobs programs. We are so appreciative of everyone who attended and provided their feedback and will continue to keep you updated on the status of the Board of Supervisor Motion.