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LA:RISE City Program Testimonial Form

For the LA:RISE program, we are interested in collecting testimonials of participants to showcase their hard work, highlight the partners who have helped along the way, and to show the impact a job can have on an individual’s life. These stories should capture the economic hardships (i.e. unemployment, family financial emergency, inability to pay rent, inability to find affordable housing, etc.) overcome through participation in LA:RISE. This questionnaire/testimonial form will help capture the participant’s story in their own words. The completed information may be used in reports and potential marketing materials such as websites, e-newsletters and social media. All information which the participant wants to remain confidential will remain so. Please specify if there is any information that you don’t want publicly shared. Also, please use your judgement when asking questions based on your relationship with the program participant.

Partners have the flexibility to submit testimonials a.k.a what they feel are “success” stories like a job promotion from a previous program participant, obtaining a degree or positive change of attitude for a current client, etc. Success is not limited to just job placement.


  1. Fill out the General Information
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  3. Submit the participant’s signed consent form
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  • LA:RISE Staff

  • Participant General Information

  • We will only use your first name.
  • Either before or during the LA:RISE program
  • Description of the activities/services provided (including titles of the staff and partnering agencies that were involved and how they connected clients with program/ service). Please share perspective on how the system or program worked well in delivering services and results to aid the client.
  • • Please provide 1-2 high quality photos as separate jpg attachments. • Photos should feature a profile of the participant and in their working environment. • We are looking for photos that are uplifting and empowering. *If a client does not wish to share their photo, please attach a note saying so.
    Max. file size: 100 MB.
  • Please upload the correct consent form. • If they are a City funded program participant: EWDD consent form • If they are a County (Measure H) funded program participant: WDACS consent form You can find all consent forms on the Partner Portal.
    Max. file size: 100 MB.
  • Testimonial

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  • THANK YOU for sharing your story!