At REDF, we are invested in the success of your organization and the LA:RISE program. The health pandemic has been trying for all and we acknowledge your hardships.

We are collecting information on how your organization is operating at this time, so that we can have better insight on how to best support you and/or how to collectively programmatically adapt during these unprecedented times.

More importantly, these questions should be answered in respect to your current practices in response to the pandemic vs. your standard pre-pandemic practices.

Please consider meeting with your programmatic staff to discuss the answers to this brief survey, as we want to assure everyone’s voice is heard. You are welcome to submit more than one response if need be.

Deadline: Thursday, January 28. You have a 2-week lead time and a follow-up will be made on January 21st. Thank you for your commitment to serving those in need.

  • SE/TSE questions

  • WSC/AJCC Questions