City Program Partner Portal

Welcome to the City Program Partner Portal.

Here, LA:RISE partner staff can find the latest versions of important programmatic forms and resources. For new city LA:RISE partner staff, please visit the City Training Hub to find the necessary training material for a full program onboarding.

The Program Management list contains documents that are useful to all partner staff, regardless of their role. The content of the remainder of the partner portal is separated by phase in the LA:RISE program (Transitional Employment, Competitive Employment, Retention Services). Generally only staff involved in each phase of the program will have a need for the respective list.

You can find the portals for the other initiatives linked here: County Expansion Program, Youth Academy, CD 2, and CD 10.

LA:RISE is an employment pathway providing paid transitional work experience in an employment social enterprise, enrollment into WIOA programs for job readiness and connections to career pathways, and wrap-around supportive services from enrollment through retention (one year post job placement).

The following are the eligibility criteria for participants of this program:

  • The LA:RISE Eligibility Checklist Form is to be used to determine program eligibility.

  • Participant must be 18 years of age or older; unemployed or underemployed (less than 20 hours a week); a City or County of LA resident; not currently enrolled in another LA:RISE program; interested in long-term employment.

  • Must have a history of homelessness, be currently homeless, or at-risk of homelessness (unstable housing). All previously targeted vulnerable populations under LA:RISE 1.0 (disconnected youth, formerly incarcerated, gang involved, long-term unemployed) must meet this criteria.

    • The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) definition of homelessness will be used. Please reference the County’s WDP-D19-09_Homeless Definition Policy Directive Sept 2019 and also included under EWDD Directive WDS No. 22-02.

  • Participant must self-attest that they meet the LA:RISE eligibility criteria.

To learn more about LA:RISE call (888) 4-LARISE (888-452-7473) for referral information.

Partners (20):

  • LA:RISE Social Enterprise Partners (13): Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC), Center for Living and Learning, Center for Living and Learning, Chrysalis, Coalition for Responsible Community Development, Downtown Women’s Center, Goodwill Industries, GRID Alternatives, Homeboy Industries, LA Conservation Corps, LA LGBT Center, New Earth, YWCA DLA
  • WorkSource Partners (6): El Proyecto Del Barrio (Sun Valley WSC), CRCD (Vernon-Central LATTC WSC), Goodwill (Northeast Los Angeles WSC), MCS (Hollywood WSC and Boyle Heights WSC), JVS SoCal (West Los Angeles WSC)
  • Specialized Training Provider (1): Friends Outside in LA County (FOLA)
Social Enterprise/ Transitional Employment Partner* Workforce Partner
Homeboy Industries Boyle Heights WSC (MCS)
Los Angeles Conservation Corps Boyle Heights WSC (MCS)
Anti-Recidivism Coalition Boyle Heights WSC (MCS)
Chrysalis Enterprises Northeast Los Angeles WSC (Goodwill)
Goodwill Industries So Cal Northeast Los Angeles WSC (Goodwill)
Center for Employment Opportunities Vernon Central/LATTC WSC (CRCD)
CRCD Enterprise Vernon Central/LATTC WSC (CRCD)
Downtown Women’s Center Vernon Central/LATTC WSC (CRCD)
GRID Alternatives Vernon Central/LATTC (WSC CRCD)
YWCA Digital Learning Academy Hollywood WSC (MCS)
Los Angeles LGBT Center Hollywood WSC (MCS)
Managed Career Solutions Hollywood WSC (MCS)
Center for Living and Learning Sun Valley WSC  (El Proyecto)
New Earth Organization West LA WSC (JVS)

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