Individual social enterprises make a tremendous impact in their communities by employing and providing services to people with high employment barriers, preparing them to re-enter and succeed in the workforce. However, in order to grow and thrive, and access new opportunities, social enterprises need to come together in their local communities to leverage partnerships with businesses, government, nonprofits, and philanthropy.

Social Enterprise Partners

Social enterprises provide time-bound, paid work experience to individuals who have barriers to employment. They receive on-the-job training and personal support to assist with issues such as housing, childcare, criminal involvement, and transportation.

LA:RISE social enterprise partners are:

Center for Employment Opportunities Center for Living and Learning
Good Soil Industries - REDF GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles

Employer Partners

Now in its seventh year, LA:RISE is recruiting companies to join our Employer Partnership Program. We seek companies that primarily need skilled entry-level talent and are open to hiring and supporting employees who have overcome challenges, such as opportunity youth and individuals who have been previously homeless or incarcerated. LA:RISE offers employers direct access to a local pool of well-trained and highly motivated candidates who are prepared for work—along with resources that help employees not only retain their jobs, but advance and thrive long term.

Some previous and current LA:RISE employer partners are:

To learn more about our employer partners, visit here.

Workforce Development Partners

The Economic and Workforce Department (EWDD) is the administrative department responsible for workforce and training in the City of LA via WorkSource and YouthSource Centers. The Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services (WDACS) is the administrative department responsible for workforce and training for the County of Los Angeles via America’s Job Centers of California. Their mission is to connect communities and improve the lives of all generations in Los Angeles County.

WDACS and EWDD function as the project managers and provide administrative oversight for fiscal monitoring and program compliance. Government contracted workforce development agencies (e.g. WorkSource Center, YouthSource Center, America’s Job Center of California) are nonprofits who provide workforce training and job readiness. They work with individuals from the beginning of employment at the social enterprise through the placement transition and follow up once someone is placed in employment.

LA:RISE workforce development partners are operated by the following organizations:

To find more WorkSource Centers, visit here.

To find more YouthSource Centers, visit here.

Retention Support Partners

Retention providers help people remain employed by providing wrap-around resources to prevent job loss and lay the foundation for upward mobility. They assist with referrals to health, housing, and educational resources, and coaching for personal development and financial capabilities.

Personal support providers in LA:RISE include:

Service Provider Partners

Service provider partners in LA:RISE include: