MADE: Rebuilding Exchange

Rebuilding Exchange
Chicago, Illinois


In the fifth installment of the MADE series, profiles Chicago social enterprise The Rebuilding Exchange to learn more about how they are changing the world and employing people. 


Social Enterprise Mission:

The Rebuilding Exchange is a non-profit social enterprise with a mission to create a market for reclaimed building materials. They do this by diverting materials from landfills and making them accessible for reuse through our retail warehouse, by promoting sustainable deconstruction practices, by providing education and job training programs, and by creating innovative models for sustainable reuse.

The MADE Factor:

The Rebuilding Exchange is all about transformation, whether it is transforming an old barn into a dinner table or giving an opportunity to someone who needs it the most. They see the value in the pieces of our world that are usually thrown away.


Connect with the Rebuilding Exchange at



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