Sam Sarcone asked 2 years ago


How do you organize a bunch of disillusioned, financially and emotionally vulnerable, yet highly passionate and talented, artists and artisans in Appalachia into a social enterprise, without over-relying on grants (which tend to not prioritize arts) or the predatory mainstream music and art industry?

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Paul Wright at Wright Venture Services answered 2 years ago

Wow Sam that is a tough one…However, it is a shame that creatives are an overlooked asset; especially for rural economic development. Having worked with this population in Appalachia…it takes time, trust and linkages to outside markets. Step 1: Throw a party in a local space that can showcase your local artist. Pay attention to who shows up and be sure to followup with a listening and brainstorming session to get ideas and input. 2. Partner with existing creatives who already have outside markets and ask them to be part of a social enterprise approach. Private message me if you want to hear my experience in this space ( or join my next cohort discussion starting this Fall