Chelsea Oruche REDF asked 3 years ago

Being aware of and understanding their ES must be really empowering and confidence building for your young women – previously those emotions and behaviors must have felt like a black box out of their control (I know I feel that way from time to time :). No doubt the video spoke to that. Can you share any stories on that point?

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Dana Emanuel at unknown answered 3 years ago

Sure! Here is the link to the video of participants sharing their Executive Skills, that we tried to play during the webinar (apologies for the tech difficulties):

We have many examples of participants using their newfound Executive Skills knowledge to feel more in control, articulate a stronger sense of self, and better understand others and their broader workplace environments. For example, there was a gas leak at our social enterprise, Bright Endeavors, and we had to shut down our production floor while the utilities company resolved the issue. Participants correctly pointed out how using “planning/prioritization” Executive Skills at Bright Endeavors could have better prepared the team for this gap in production time. Similarly, I co-facilitated a participant focus group last week about goal setting and a participant shared that knowing her Executive Skills strength of stress tolerance means she knows she can set challenging short term goals for herself and get them done under pressure.