Chelsea Oruche REDF asked 3 years ago

Do your participants use a log or journal to track their personal and productions goals and be able to reflect on them/their progress over time? Or is that only kept by the program staff or coaches? Curious if that is part of the skill building esp for those with struggles with organization etc.

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Dana Emanuel at unknown answered 3 years ago

Yes! Participants use a daily goal and production performance tracking form. You can see a sample of this “TOP Values” form and a blank template of a SMART Goal Worksheet in the SMART Goal tool section of the Executive Skills Toolkit, on pages 21-23:

An important piece of our Executive Skills Approach is to be fully transparent about Executive Skills strengths and struggles. This means that participants and coaches talk all the time about their ES profiles and goals, whether or not they are progressing towards their goals or hit a roadblock, and so the skills and resultant behaviors are normalized. For example, the performance evaluation that Cathy mentioned during the webinar is done in partnership between Cathy and the participant – it’s all upfront and out in the open, and behaviors are linked directly to Executive Skills.