We’re committed to responding to your needs and advocating for the social enterprise sector as we continue to experience the economic and social hardship brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Grant Awardees

REDF is pleased to provide $30,000 grants to each of the following Employment Social Enterprises and want to express our appreciation to everyone who took the time to complete an application.

While we are only able to provide 15 grants at this time, we are continuing to actively seek funds and will contact applicants who qualify for these additional grants when and as they become available. Please note that we are no longer accepting applications for COVID-19 Relief Grants and will provide updated guidance if this changes. 

Employment Social Enterprise Resiliency

REDF was proud to provide COVID-19 Relief Grants of $30,000 to15 Employment Social Enterprises that we’ve partnered with since 2016, to provide immediate financial support.


These grants are intended to help fill the gap from income lost as a direct result of the COVID-19 public health crisis and subsequent economic impact. Along with relief grants, you can access advisory services and technical assistance to help you as individual leaders and as a community as you reevaluate your strategies and the future of your organizations.

Crisis is nothing new to the leaders of employment social enterprise, and you’ve demonstrated day in and day out the sort of resourcefulness and resilience called for in these intensely trying times. For  leaders of color and those who have experienced systematic barriers to employment, the challenges created by the COVID-19 crisis may be heightened. Therefore, we’re using an equity lens in our grant evaluation process. 

We are honored to be a part of this community and are ready to work hard to get through this crisis with you.

Key Information

Grant Details


Who Should Apply


What to Know




Info-Session Recording


Guiding Principles


Grant Details

Award Size

We are providing a standard $30,000 grant to all awardees.

Based on our analysis of the financial reporting from REDF program participants, this is an approximation of the median of one month of payroll and overhead costs for the organizations we have partnered with since 2016. We have limited funds to deploy today, and this grant amount will allow us to support, at a minimum, 15 organizations.

We are focused on fundraising to increase the number of organizations we can provide relief grants. Therefore, if you apply for this grant and are not selected during our first review, when more funding becomes available and if your organization is eligible for this support, we will contact you to extend a relief grant. 

We’ve kept the application brief, but we do not want you to feel rushed as it is not first-come-first-served. There will be a competitive evaluation based on the criteria listed below.

Key Dates

  • April 14 Applications Open
  • April 22 Deadline to apply
  • April 30 Distribute grants

Eligibility Requirements

An organization is eligible for this grant if it has participated in a REDF program since January 1, 2016. This includes any organization that has received a grant or a loan, is currently in or has graduated from the REDF Accelerator, or is a contracted employment social enterprise partner of LA:RISE.

Advisory Services & Technical Assistance

If you’re already thinking through how to transition your enterprise to meet this moment and continue to serve your program participants, we want to help. You don’t have to wait for a decision on your grant application – or even to apply for a relief grant – to sign up for an advisory call with our team and receive one-on-one advice or simply have an informed ear to bounce ideas off of. 


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Who Should Apply

Income and Revenue Lost

Organizations that have experienced demonstrable and proportionally deep financial losses as a direct result of the COVID-19 crisis due to, for example, lost business revenue or canceled fundraising events because of forced shutdowns.

Deep Financial Impact

Organizations that have undertaken cost cutting and payment deferments where possible and still lack the resources to cover one to two months of overhead costs. As these grants are limited, the focus is on the organizations with the most immediate, financial need.

Resiliency and Future Viability

Leaders who have plans for or have already started to test new business models,  fundraising strategies, and program design to respond to our transformed environment and maintain their organizational viability. 

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What to Know Before You Apply

What Documents to Prepare

  • FY 2019 Income Statements (P&Ls)
  • FY 2020 to date Income Statements (P&Ls)
  • Balance Sheet as of March 31, 2020

Evaluation Criteria

We will be evaluating grant applications based on the following criteria

  • Demonstrable recent financial losses as a direct result of the COVID-19 health crisis and related public and economic shutdowns.
  • Immediate financial hardship resulting in challenges in covering operating expenses.
  • Resiliency of leadership and evidence of effort to transition business and programmatic operations to reflect the new social and economic environment.

Reporting Requirements

We are committed to maintaining an expeditious process rooted in trust, and are therefore foregoing formal reporting requirements.

We have obligations to our funders and board members, and hope to learn from this experience how to be a better grantmaker and partner. Therefore, if you are awarded a grant we will schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss the following:

  1. How the grants are used
  2. Implementation of a new strategy in your fundraising, business lines and/or programs.
  3. What, if any difference our funding makes as part of a broader mix of additional funding and services.

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What if my employment social enterprise is comprised of multiple entities (e.g. I have a parent organization or multiple business lines)? Which entity should be represented in the application?

Applications should be submitted on behalf of the legal entity that has received funding from or has engaged in a program hosted by REDF. 

If there are relevant financial losses from an affiliated enterprise (parent, subordinate, or otherwise related enterprise) you can attach those documents and/or mention those details in the narrative question of the application.

Please note, we cannot guarantee that all additional attachments will be reviewed due to time constraints.

When will I hear about the status of my application?

We will communicate all decisions by April 30.

How and when will the grants be disbursed?

Grants will be disbursed by April 30 by direct ACH with a two day arrival time. If awarded, upon execution of your grant agreement, we will be requesting your bank routing number and account information to facilitate the transfer.

What is the deadline to apply? What if I miss that deadline, can I still apply?

The deadline to apply is April 22 at 11:59pm PT and  we will not be able to accept applications after that time. There may be additional relief funding opportunities announced soon.

How long will the application take to complete?

Depending on the accessibility of your financial documents, the time it will take to complete the application will vary. However, we anticipate it will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. 

If my organization will not have our March financial statements closed in time to submit them by the April 22nd deadline, should we still apply and is there alternative information we can provide?

Yes, please submit a year to date income statement and balance sheet through February of this year if you cannot provide this information through March prior to April 22. Please note, if your February financial information does not demonstrate the financial impact of COVID-19 on your enterprise, please address the March impact in the narrative question in the application.

If I have questions or challenges applying for the grant, who should I reach out to?

We encourage you to contact your relationship manager if you have questions related to your grant. You can also reach our team by emailing

How do I fix an error in my application?

If you realize that you submitted incorrect information in your grant agreement or would like to update a response please email us at If you submit an incomplete application we will take that into account during our reviews and it will decrease your likelihood of receiving a grant.

Where can I access the REDF Application and Award Portal?

You can access the REDF Application and Award Portal HERE

I don’t have a Portal User account. How do I apply for this grant?

The grant applications are only accessible through Salesforce, which all REDF grantees, program participants, and applicants use for program and financial reporting.

If you or your organization have previously applied to any of our grants or programming, it is likely that you already have an account registered on our Portal (try FirstNameInitial.LastName or FirstName.LastName as your username).

If you are still having trouble accessing your Portal User account, please use the “Can’t access your account?” link on the login page of the Portal or send us an email at

I am going to be the new point person for my organization to apply for this grant and/or I have never had Portal access. How do I access the REDF Application and Award Portal?

If you are the new point person for your organization to apply for this grant, you may not have a Portal User account. Please send us an email at with your full name, title, and organization and we will have an account created for you as soon as possible.

I have access to the REDF Application and Award Portal, but am having trouble navigating the application page.

For any application related questions, please contact us at

What are the reporting requirements for the relief grants?

Out of respect for our field, and in an expression of trust in each of you as stewards of the employment social enterprise field, we are foregoing formal reporting requirements. If you receive a reward, we will schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss the following:

    • How you used the grants.
    • If you have been able to implement a new strategy in your fundraising, business lines and/or programs.
    • What, if any difference this grant made as part of a broader mix of additional funding and services.

If I’ve missed data reporting for past grants and programs, can I apply for a relief grant?

Yes, you can still apply for a relief grant if you have missed previous reporting deadlines and requirements. Missed reports will not negatively impact your relief grant application. If you are awarded a grant, we will expect updated reporting in the future. 

Will applying for or receiving a relief grant impact my ability to apply for or likelihood of receiving future funding from REDF?

Applying for or receiving this grant will not limit your chances of or disqualify you from receiving a future grant from REDF.

Are there limitations on how my enterprise can use relief  grants?

These are unrestricted, general operating grants and we trust you and your team to use these funds to the benefit of your organization. Standard legal limitations, such as restrictions on spending the funds on lobbying, will apply and will be outlined in your grant agreement [if you are awarded the grant].

If my organization is shut down before I am able to spend the full grant, do I have to return the  remaining funds?

We recognize in this challenging time that day to day your organizational outlook will look different. As an unrestricted grant you are not required to return the unused portion but we ask that it is directed toward the benefit of this community [to the best of your ability].

Are there size or budget requirements for employment social enterprises to qualify for a relief grant?

No, we are not limiting who can apply for this grant though you must meet the eligibility requirements. We strongly encourage you to review the criteria and purpose of the funds to ensure that they fit your current situation.

What are my chances of receiving a grant through this fund?

At this time we don’t know how many applications we will receive but we anticipate that it will be competitive. More than 100 of REDF’s social enterprise partners are eligible and there are currently resources for 15 grants to be awarded.

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Still Have Questions About the Relief Grants?

REDF hosted a brief info-session on the COVID-19 Relief Grants and walked through eligibility requirements, basic details, the application and the advisory calls.

A recording of the info-session is available along with the deck here. 

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Our Guiding Principles

We’re continuing to improve our transparency practices at REDF, and so we want to share our guiding principles for managing the COVID-19 Relief Grants.

Trust: We are leading with trust in you and in our field to make the best choices for your program participants, staff and communities. 

Expediency: We know you need these funds and answers about the status of your application as quickly as possible so you can make informed decisions about next steps. Therefore, we’re using an accelerated timeline to get you the information you need as soon as we can.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Due to well-documented challenges that leaders of color face accessing small business loans and nonprofit grants, we are prioritizing leaders of color and those who have faced barriers to employment due to past experience with homelessness, incarceration, addiction, mental illness, and human trafficking.

Community: We are in this together. Whether you are rewarded a grant or not, you can turn to our team and others in this community for support.

Confidentiality: These are tough circumstances and almost no organization is operating at its peak. We are committed to keeping the information you provide confidential and will only share aggregate trends to educate the field, unless given direct permission to share a unique story.

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Additional COVID-19 Resources for Employment Social Enterprise

We will continue to provide additional resources for our community of employment social enterprises as we face the COVID-19 crisis together.



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