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Skill Up Los Angeles connects CalFresh Employment & Training funding with Los Angeles County workforce development agencies so that more Angelenos can get the jobs, training, and support they need to enter and succeed in the workforce.

At Skill Up Los Angeles partner sites, Angelenos receiving CalFresh benefits have access to on-the-job training, work experience, basic and vocational education, job placement and retention services, as well as a robust array of supportive services. Skill Up partners receive reimbursement for their costs so that they can increase capacity and reach even more CalFresh participants.

Skill Up Los Angeles is the first CalFresh Employment & Training third-party partnership program to be offered in Los Angeles. It increases local access to workforce and training services by leveraging federal and third-party provider dollars at no additional County cost. Skill Up Los Angeles plays a vital role in helping LA County meet its strategic plan goals:

Goal 1: Make Investments that Transform Lives by helping Angelenos enter and thrive in the workforce.

Goal 2: Foster Vibrant and Resilient Communities by aligning workforce development programs to provide jobs, training, and support to Angelenos facing steep barriers to employment.

Important Note: Skill Up Los Angeles was formerly named CFET Expansion Pilot Program (CEPP), which is why you will find documents and materials referencing CEPP on this platform. All CEPP documents apply to Skill Up Los Angeles.