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Caminar for Mental Health

“Caminar was built on a commitment to improve community-based support services and opportunities for people with disabilities to live and work in the community. We believe that providing support services which enable people in their recovery process to live independently and self-sufficiently, in accordance with their ability and choice, goes beyond clinical solutions. It is essential that people with disabilities are afforded the same quality of life opportunities as those who are not disabled.

At the Avenida Apartment complex, Caminar’s Sensible Cyclery has been established to sell quality reconditioned bicycles at an affordable price.  Bikes are donated from a variety of sources within the community.  Then, the residents of Avenida Apartments, along with vocational trainees who receive services from Butte County Department of Behavioral Health, perform the important tasks associated with overhauling, repairing, tuning, and getting the donated bikes ready for resale.  The mission of Sensible Cyclery is to recondition and sell quality used bicycles at an affordable price, and by being in business, to provide meaningful vocational opportunities that help our employees reach their fullest potential.

Pro-Touch is Caminar’s other social enterprise, which, like Sensible Cyclery, is designed and established for people who receive services from Butte County Department of Behavioral Health.   Supportive employment trains individuals who are entering the workforce for the first time or have not had a job in several years.  Caminar believes that employment is a critical tool for helping people during their recovery process and while working for Pro-Touch, crew members get real-life employment opportunities.  Pro-Touch is not only a vocational training, but also a small business that provides low cost janitorial and landscape services for local businesses and people on a limited income.  All profits from both Pro-Touch and Sensible Cyclery go back into the programs, creating a double bottom line and giving customers a sense of making a social impact.”



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