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Hudson Community Enterprises

“HCE is a non profit organization with business operations throughout New Jersey.  The organization was originally founded in 1957 as a community rehabilitation program and for all of the years since its inception has focused its efforts in the area of vocational rehabilitation services for individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment.  Although HCE’s mission has remained constant, “to create employment opportunities for community residents”, its programs, services, and customers have expanded to meet the needs of its community.

HCE currently employs close to 400 individuals. Over 70% of those individuals have a disability. The agency offers a range of education, training, and employment opportunities for youth with disabilities exiting school, adults with disabilities in its vocational rehabilitation programs, as well as community residents facing other barriers to employment.  Please explore our website and learn about our services and the various social enterprise businesses that we operate which include Enterprise Content Management/Document Scanning, Document Destruction/Shredding, Building Management, and Packaging and Fulfillment.”


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