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Windhorse Guild, Inc. – Infinitely Simple

Infinitely Simple’s mission is to “provide job-driven training and real employment opportunities to those in recovery from mental health challenges in the design and production of high quality, locally crafted products. The benefits of work and employment are proven to be a crucial component of recovery.

The research on the benefits of work for individuals in recovery from mental health challenges compelled us to create Infinitely Simple. This business allows us to provide transitional employment opportunities to aid our apprentices in their search for employment in the community. Apprentices gain basic work skills such as attendance and punctuality, attention to detail and endurance. They also earn positive work references as well as more complex skillsets such as people, computer, and sewing skills. All of these opportunities to gain knowledge build confidence and pave the way toward fulfilling employment in the community. This often transformative experience has helped many of our apprentices find employment at local retail shops and one apprentice has even gone on to pursue a culinary degree.”



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