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Communities United for Restorative Justice – La Cultura Cura Cultural Arts Cafe

“La Cultura Cura Cultural Arts Cafe is a social enterprise of Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice. We are an intergenerational art and community building space run by systems impacted young people. We source organic coffee from our Mayan relatives in Chiapas to honor old indigenous trade routes and support small farmers working towards their autonomy. We promote cultural arts and activism by creating a business and art space that contributes to the positive economic development of the Fruitvale District in Oakland, California.

Our social enterprise has created an avenue towards our financial sustainability by generating revenue and providing training and employment to systems impacted young people. We are currently operating as a pop-up and offer coffee catering while we develop our online store where we will be able to offer coffee subscriptions and other products. Our vision is to secure a permanent home that will allow us to grow in size and impact with a full coffee roasting and distribution center.”


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