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Poder – Oprima-1

“Oprima-1, LLC has two key components.

The first is a call center that employs Latino immigrants over two shifts from 7 AM to 7 PM, five days per week.  Implementing a universal advocate pool approach, Oprima-1 provides third party clients outbound telemarketing services and inbound customer care including retention and sales.

The second, and social benefit component of Oprima-1, is a unique partnership with a local nonprofit’s integrated English and customer service training class.  Two hours per day, five days per week,  Oprima-1 advocates are required to participate in classes.  So while all new advocates provide Spanish telephone support, they progressively and effectively field more English calls as their language proficiency improves.

Oprima-1’s work-study model is sustainable and scalable to allow a greater number of participants annually to develop the marketable skills necessary to enter Chicago’s mainstream workforce.”


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