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Revival Chili

“Located in Pittsburgh, PA, Revival Chili serves some of the most rich, complex and delicious chili in the nation.

Opening in the spring of 2017, Revival Chili has one main goal; to positively impact every single person’s life that the business touches. We travel to different events, festivals, and blocks in our mobile trailer to provide customers a healthy, scrumptious meal option. And every bowl of chili feels like you’re diving into a warm hug – for your tummy AND your taste buds.

But even for us, it’s about more than just the chili, it’s about creating job opportunities for people with a criminal history by selling our delicious chili out of our food trailer. Re-entering citizens are a disadvantaged group often overlooked in U.S. Cities. We plan to provide them with innovative, life-changing employment. Every employee is trained on food handling, operations, customer service and financial planning. After showing competence in all areas, Revival Chili pledges to help each employee launch their own food truck or business.”



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