Business Operations

Risks & Mitigation Planning

  • Introduction

    No matter how skillfully you research, analyze, and plan for your social enterprise, the unexpected will happen; your social enterprise will be faced with challenges and decisions that you did not anticipate. Risks and mitigation planning provides an opportunity to think through possible eventualities and how you will address them. A description of potential developments enables staff and stakeholders to be alert and better prepared for them.
  • For each of the risk categories below, describe potential risks and the mitigation strategies you will employ to minimize the risk. If the risk category does not apply to your social enterprise, leave it blank.
  • Market

    What market risks might you encounter? For example, what if customers don't buy your product or service?
  • Competition

    How will you compete? How big of a risk do you consider other market players to be?
  • Technological

    How does technology impact your business? Will it be threatened by changes or advancements in technology?
  • Product

    Do you foresee any risks related to supplier problems, production challenges, or quality assurance issues?
  • Execution

    What potential problems do you foresee related to the general operations and execution of this social enterprise?
  • Regulatory

    Are there any specific risks related to regulation, policy, or permitting that might impact this social enterprise?
  • Financial

    Do you foresee risks related to raising startup capital, cashflow, or meeting revenue targets?
  • Social Mission

    Is there any risk of compromising your ability to meet your social goals to make this business work? How will you decide if/when there's a conflict between mission and profit motives?
  • Other

    Describe any other risks that may have been left out.