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    How to use this tool

    Outreach efforts are critical to help eligible enterprise employees learn about and claim tax credits. Outreach efforts are especially important for enterprise employees who enter the labor force for the first time, earn too little to be required to file a tax return, earn less than expected during the year, mistakenly think they do not qualify for the credits, or do not know that they can file their taxes for free and claim the EITC for up to three previous years.
  • Social enterprises can promote the filing of taxes directly to employees by including tax credit information with paychecks, hanging posters in the workplace, and making information available through employee resource lines. Managers can incorporate information into employee manuals and training for new hires.
  • Use this tool to generate a custom flyer to promote the filing of taxes amongst your employees. Fill in the information below and you will generate a flyer that is a custom version of the flyer below:
  • Enter information

  • First, enter information about your social enterprise.
  • Next, use the IRS' VITA site locator to find the closest VITA sites to your social enterprise. This will help direct your employees to convenient free tax preparation services.
  • Finally, if you would like to include your social enterprise's logo on the flyer, please upload it below.
  • Max. file size: 100 MB.