Webinar: New Moms

“Applying Executive Skills Strategies to Employment Social Enterprises.” 

Date: 11/14/19

Time: 11:00AM PST



Description: Everyone has Executive Skills – the 12 brain-based abilities that govern how we plan, organize and get things done. This webinar will share how New Moms’ workforce development program and their employment social enterprise applied and tested the brain and behavioral science of Executive Skills to improve the progression of participant goals and achievements. Attendees will walk away with an Executive Skills practitioner toolkit to help them design Executive Skills-informed environmental modifications, coaching and goal tracking methods, and incentives in their own employment social enterprise programs.


  • Gabrielle Caverl-McNeal, Director of Workforce Development
  • Cathy Robinson-Yates, Production & Training Specialist II
  • Dana Emanuel, Director of Learning & Innovation

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