Pricing 101 with Simon-Kucher & Partners

Recorded: December 3, 2020

Description: This Pricing 101 Workshop covers the importance of pricing and how a sound price strategy can guide you to achieve your short- to long-term objectives. It also addresses the concept of value, what to charge, and how to charge for the product or service you are delivering.

Simon-Kucher & Partners is the world’s leading pricing consultancy. They help boost clients’ topline by optimizing their pricing, sales, and marketing strategies. With more than 1,400 employees in 26 countries worldwide, Simon-Kucher delivers measurable revenue and profit growth for clients from all industries and regions. Simon-Kucher has 35 years of experience with monetization topics of all kinds – from pricing strategies, customer segmentation, offer design, and packaging, to negotiation techniques, and sales excellence.

Nick Zarb – Simon-Kucher & Partners

Meghan Butt – Simon-Kucher & Partners

Nare Janvelyan – Simon-Kucher & Partners

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