From Survival to Stronger: Planning Forward and Defining Success in 2020

Recorded: June 10, 2020

With the Covid-19 pandemic, you and your team have been managing in crisis mode for nearly 3 months.  Now, as organizations begin to move from managing day-to-day fire drills to managing in the “new normal,” it’s time for all of us to plan how we move forward in 2020. Additionally, the brutal pace of crisis mode is unsustainable for leaders and and their teams. How do we figure out the right pace and personal balance as we begin to emerge from crisis mode?  In this webinar, Scott Garell, an executive coach who is a former tech CEO that has led organizations through past recessions and was Juma Ventures National Board Chair, will cover the following topics to help you and your organization thrive in 2020:

  • How to pivot from playing defense only to a balance of defense and offense
  • Strategic and scenario planning tools to plan forward in 2020
  • How to lead your team and board to ensure your updated 2020 goals can be achieved
  • How to find the right pace for you and your team in the ‘new normal’

About the presenter:
Scott Garell is a former Tech CEO (Ask Jeeves, Dictionary.com, Goodshop.com) with significant nonprofit experience including serving as the Juma Ventures National Board Chair, leading four Harvard Business School Community Partners nonprofit consulting projects, and serving on several nonprofit advisory boards. In his second career, Scott is now an executive coach and advisor, working with nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, nonprofit funders, and accelerators including REDF, Tipping Point, East Bay Community Foundation, GiveWell, and Fast Forward. Scott specializes in helping organizations at the growth stage when scaling leadership skills, teams, processes, and business models become necessary. Recently, he has been supporting several leaders as they navigate the challenges and complexities of the Covid-19 crisis. Scott is a graduate of UC Berkeley and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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