Assessing Job Readiness

Recorded: July 11th, 2019


In this webinar, we cover the key components of Job Readiness, why it is important, and the background on REDF’s Job Readiness Assessment tool and some sample applications. You will leave with some best practices for utilizing a Job Readiness Assessment within your employment social enterprise and a framework you can adapt to suit your transitional jobs program.

This training was led by Kristen Green, the Regional Partnerships & Technical Assistance Manager at REDF.


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2019-05-30 11:00:38

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What does it mean to be “job ready”?

A worker’s job readiness can be thought of as the combination of three areas for professional and personal development: soft skills, hard skills, and personal readiness.

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2019-05-30 11:00:48

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Job Readiness Assessment

How to structure a job readiness assessment procedure to determine workers’ professional and personal readiness to transition to competitive employment.

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Job Readiness Assessment Tool

This Job Readiness Assessment Tool helps determine whether an employee is ready to move into competitive employment.

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