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5 minutes | Operations | Manage a Social Enterprise

Equipment Acquisition and Management Overview

Equipment is an investment, and—depending on the value of the equipment, what it’s used for, or how frequently it needs to be purchased or replaced—it can be a significant investment for an employment social enterprise.

4 minutes | Marketing | Manage a Social Enterprise

Marketing Assets Overview

Investing in the development of a few strong, core marketing assets will ultimately save you and your team time as you connect with new audiences, as well as deliver a strong, reputable first impression of your business. 

6 minutes | Operations | Manage a Social Enterprise

Staffing Management Overview

Staffing management is the practice of aligning participant workers with work shifts and service contracts to ensure your employment social enterprise can reliably deliver work it has committed to. 

11 minutes | Raising Capital & Fundraising | Manage a Social Enterprise

Development Infrastructure Overview

Development operations or development infrastructure are the systems and practices that function behind the scenes on a fundraising team. They are things like clarifying your team’s division of labor, prospect research, gift processing, gift acknowledgment, and data administration. 

9 minutes | Operations | Manage a Social Enterprise

Processes Overview

Generally, the need for documented processes and good process management increases as an organization grows. But all organizations should have some form of documented processes.

6 minutes | Operations | Manage a Social Enterprise

Software Overview

It’s important to consider and select software thoughtfully so that the combined whole of all systems and software that support an organization result in increased efficiency.  

6 minutes | Business Planning | Manage a Social Enterprise

Value Proposition Overview

A value proposition is a clear statement that conveys a) how the product or service your social enterprise sells will meet an important and unmet customer need, and b) why these customers should buy from your business vs. a competitor. 

8 minutes | Business Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Customer Experience and Feedback Overview

Customer experience and feedback refers to formal ongoing processes to solicit customer feedback and incorporate insights into both business strategy and daily operations.

11 minutes | Employee Success Program | Manage a Social Enterprise

Theory of Change & Logic Model Overview

A theory of change and logic model are two tools that often accompany each other and are used to design, implement, and evaluate a program—in this case, your employment social enterprise’s employee success program.

3 minutes | Employee Success Program | Grow a Social Enterprise

Program Fidelity Overview

Program fidelity refers to how closely a social enterprise executes its employee success program relative to planned activities, as well as the consistency in which it delivers program services across all locations and aspects of the social enterprise