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Growing an ESE

Learn more about how to grow your ESE to new and sustainable heights!

Welcome to the pivotal stage of growing your Employment Social Enterprise (ESE), where your vision expands and the possibilities are boundless. This phase involves a strategic process of evaluating feasibility and crafting a comprehensive strategy for pursuing new avenues of expansion, each holding the potential to amplify your social impact.

Growing an ESE isn’t just about scaling up; it’s about making well-informed choices that align with your mission and values. These choices may include exploring new business lines, launching innovative products, diversifying your sales channels, establishing partnerships with government agencies, or expanding your reach into new geographical areas.

A thoughtfully developed growth plan is your compass in this journey. It empowers you to allocate your limited resources optimally, ensuring they are directed toward the most promising initiatives. It also equips you to analyze growth options from various angles, considering social, financial, operational, and organizational aspects. Importantly, it enables you to effectively communicate the rationale behind your growth decisions to key stakeholders, including your dedicated employees, board members, and valued funders.

In this section of our website, our comprehensive resources will equip you with the knowledge and tools to assess the requirements for your growth journey, from personnel and equipment to facilities, all while carefully considering the potential impact on your current operations.We understand that growth can be both exhilarating and challenging, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Welcome to the world of expanding possibilities and deepening impact. Your journey to grow your Employment Social Enterprise is not just about doing more; it’s about doing more with purpose. Together, we’ll continue to shape a brighter future for your organization and the communities it serves. Get ready to embark on this exciting adventure of growth and positive change.

Resources For Your Journey

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Employee Success Program | Grow a Social Enterprise

Continuing Education Series: How Employment Social Enterprise Drives Economic Power

This session is designed for ESEs that offer, are building, or hoping to improve the employee success structures within their enterprise. Additionally, these leaders are considering what elements outside of a paycheck promote a greater sense of wellbeing for participants and employees.
Growth Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Continuing Education Series: Leveraging Partnership Building in the Public Sector for Employment Social Enterprises

Join REDF’s Government Partnerships & Policy Team and two Socal-based ESEs: Center for Living and Learning and Chrysalis for a session designed to provide insights from direct experience into approaches for identifying valuable partnerships and accessing public support. As part of this session, attendees will hear case studies from both ESEs and engage with the following....
Leadership & Talent | Grow a Social Enterprise

PAGA (Private Attorneys General Act) Compliance Webinar

REDF partnered with attorneys at Davis Wright Tremaine (DWT) to host a webinar highlighting the most important steps ESEs can take to stay in compliance with California employment laws. Understanding and complying with these laws is critical in preventing Labor Commissioner claims, class action claims, or PAGA (Private Attorney General Act) claims.
Employee Success Program | Grow a Social Enterprise

Continuing Education Series: Upskilling- Skills Training

In the session our focus will be on high quality, industry validated training programs that lead to recognized certificates, credentials, and/or, in-demand, quality jobs. These training programs can be provided by public institutions of higher education or private training providers.
Employee Success Program | Grow a Social Enterprise

Continuing Education Series: Upskilling- Pre-Apprenticeships

In this session we will be covering structured curriculum that prepares clients to enroll and successfully complete Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs). These programs are often developed and/or validated by local RAPs, and are sometimes registered with state or federal apprenticeship agencies.
Employee Success Program | Grow a Social Enterprise

Continuing Education Series: Upskilling Navigation

In this session we'll discuss taking on the formal role in a wider partnership of upskilling navigation to help students and workers explore, apply, enroll and complete upskilling training programs in a specific region or market.
Employee Success Program | Grow a Social Enterprise

Continuing Education Series: Upskilling-Registered Apprenticeships

In this session we will go deeper into Registered Apprenticeships, which are structured training programs, that includes on-the-job training, have an employer sponsor, and require approval from US DOL or state apprenticeship agency.
Growth Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Continuing Education Series: Elevate & Expand: Strategic Operational Growth Planning

We are excited to host a workshop designed to unravel the intricacies of operational growth within Employment Social Enterprises (ESEs). The Women's Bean Project team will share firsthand experiences and insights into the intentional strategy behind their substantial growth in both their business and employee success operations.  
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