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Together, marketing and communications help you reach your target audiences, deliver your message, and move them to take action. 

Every social enterprise engages in marketing and communications. When you package a product, advertise your business in the local paper, interact with a customer, deliver a presentation to funders, or speak to your local chamber of commerce—you’re engaging in the vital work of finding and connecting with those you need to support your work. 

When done strategically, these efforts work in service of your larger business, programmatic, and fundraising goals. Learn more about how branding strategy, marketing asset creation, external communications planning, website and social media efforts, and storytelling can help you run a sustainable social enterprise.

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7 minutes | Marketing | Manage a Social Enterprise

Website Checklist

REDF has compiled a list of ideal components of a website. Take a look and check off what you already have on your website. For components that you don't have yet, use the two last pages of this document to note what's missing and start an implementation plan
11 minutes | Marketing | Manage a Social Enterprise

Social Media Overview

With such widespread use and increasing impact on consumption habits, leveraging social media platforms should be a component of your social enterprise’s marketing efforts. 
10 minutes | Marketing | Manage a Social Enterprise

External Communications Overview

Devising an external communications plan that aligns with your organizational goals will help you reach your target audiences where they are, present them with information that resonates, and move them to take action. 
11 minutes | Marketing | Manage a Social Enterprise

Brand Strategy Overview

Whether you’re selling a product or a service, or you’ve been in business for one year or several decades, having a strong brand creates credibility, distinguishes you from your competition, builds trust, and helps your customers remember you. 
4 minutes | Marketing | Manage a Social Enterprise

Marketing Assets Overview

Investing in the development of a few strong, core marketing assets will ultimately save you and your team time as you connect with new audiences, as well as deliver a strong, reputable first impression of your business. 
9 minutes | Marketing | Manage a Social Enterprise

Website Overview

Your social enterprise’s website is an integral part of running your business and a key marketing asset.
7 minutes | Marketing | Manage a Social Enterprise

Storytelling Overview

Storytelling is one of your social enterprise’s most powerful marketing tools. Sharing the stories of your employees and leadership, as well as your business’ impact on the world, creates an emotional connection to your work - and sets you apart from your competitors.
41 minutes | Business Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Employment Social Enterprise Glossary

This is a helpful resource for those seeking to better understand the terminology and concepts related to Employment Social Enterprises (ESEs) and the broader field of social entrepreneurship.