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Thank you for your interest in contributing to REDFworkshop! We value the expertise and insights that members of the Employment Social Enterprise field can share with us. That includes consultants, field experts, ESE leaders, ESE participants and so much more!  

Before submitting your article proposal, please review the following guidelines:

Proposal Submission & Selection Process:

  • Submit a concise proposal outlining your intended article. This should include a brief overview of the topic, key points you plan to cover, and the relevance to our ESE Community.  Please include a brief author bio highlighting your expertise and experience in the field.
  • You may submit proposals on multiple topics. However you will need to submit a new proposal for each separate topic.
  • Do not submit the full article; we will review proposals before requesting complete articles.
  • Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis, with quarterly selections. We will notify you if you your proposal has been selected.
  • Our team will select proposals based on their relevance, quality, and alignment with the needs and interests of our ESE Community.
  • US-based consultants and writers preferred
  • Please submit your proposals through our application link here

Article Topics:

 Our ESEs are looking for guidance, inspiration, and learning in the following 8 topics:

  • Business Planning– How ESEs generate revenue, control costs, and plan for the future
  • Employee Success Program Model– How ESEs support employee success before, during, and after employment at the organization
  • Raising Capital & Funds– How ESEs secure capital and funds by strategically raising resources and planning for future financial sustainability
  • Growth Planning– How ESEs map out, prepare, and navigate taking their organization to a new level
  • Operations- How ESEs operate on a daily basis with metrics, processes, and systems
  • Marketing & Communications– How ESEs reach audiences, deliver their message, and move people to take action
  • Financial Planning– How ESEs track and manage finances to ensure ability to meet business and programmatic goals


  •   If your proposal is selected, we will collaborate with you on refining the topic and setting final deadlines for the article submission.
  •    We appreciate open communication and flexibility, and we’ll work together to ensure the final article (and possible additional tool or template) meets the expectations of our community and platform.

Compensation & Attribution:

  • Compensation for a published article ranges from $300-$500 depending on length and depth of the article.
  • If your article is accompanied with a tool and/or template, then compensation will be increased up to $700
  • Payment will be processed upon the successful publication of the article on REDFworkshop
  • We take attribution and giving credit very seriously, and want to make sure our community knows who contributed content to our platform. All external consultants and writers are always credited on our site. Your published article will include your name, author’s bio, and a link your website or Linkedin profile.


We look forward to receiving your insightful proposals and collaborating with you to create valuable content for our Employment Success Enterprise Community!

Best regards,

The REDFworkshop Team