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Leadership & Talent

The purpose of the Leadership & Talent section is to equip employment social enterprises with guidance, practical tips, and best practices for building and maintaining effective internal human resources (HR) functions. While managing and cultivating talent is critical for the long-term success of any organization, it may be particularly important for employment social enterprises, where the quality of the relationship between the professional staff and the participant workforce will likely determine whether the organization fulfills its mission.

The materials in this section cover a range of HR topics and are hopefully useful both for organizations starting out on developing an HR function, as well as those looking to improve or enhance a specific area. Our content emphasizes ways to proactively embed diversity, equity, and inclusion principles into all HR practices and policies to ensure that all employees feel supported and valued while at work.

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Leadership & Talent | Manage a Social Enterprise

Continuing Education Series: Unleashing the Power of Radical Candor

In this session, the REDF Accelerator team will share a core, and evergreen, section of their curriculum -- Radical Candor. Attendees in this workshop will leave with an understanding of and the chance to practice how it feels to combine two approaches: caring about the person and challenging issues directly, the ingredients for effective Radical Candor.
Leadership & Talent | Manage a Social Enterprise

Continuing Education Series: Building Thriving Connections

Dave Viotti, Founder and CEO of SMALLIFY, and a long-time friend of the REDF Community, will lead us through a highly engaging session focused on developing stronger connections to peers and colleagues via more effective communications and conflict styles. 
Leadership & Talent | Grow a Social Enterprise

PAGA (Private Attorneys General Act) Compliance Webinar

REDF partnered with attorneys at Davis Wright Tremaine (DWT) to host a webinar highlighting the most important steps ESEs can take to stay in compliance with California employment laws. Understanding and complying with these laws is critical in preventing Labor Commissioner claims, class action claims, or PAGA (Private Attorney General Act) claims.
Growth Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Continuing Education Series: Navigating Growth in Organizational Design & Staffing

REDF is excited to host this workshop on the core elements of managing your team for organizational growth. Miki Clayton . Miki will guide us through the intricacies of thoughtfully redesigning an ESE to accommodate hiring growth while meeting the needs of both the organization and its employees. 
Financial Management | Manage a Social Enterprise

Continuing Education Series: Financial Performance Management

This workshop focuses on key concepts and best practices in financial performance management. We’ll explore the types of financial reports that should be generated and discuss how to identify and analyze key information contained in the reports. We will also introduce the concept of dashboard reporting and explore strategies for improved communication across functions with the goal of building a “team around the numbers” focused on financial results.
5 minutes | Leadership & Talent | Grow a Social Enterprise

Board Composition Survey Template

Part of effective board governance is to keep in mind the expertise, skills and demographics that you ideally wish to have represented on our board, and then surveying board membership to identify gaps that may be targeted for future board recruitment. This sample survey breaks down board composition by: professional expertise, areas of influence, and demographic information.
6 minutes | Leadership & Talent | Manage a Social Enterprise

Sample Board Member & Board Officer Job Description

Board job descriptions play a crucial role in ensuring that board members assume their roles as nonprofit officers with a sense of comfort and clarity. This resource gives you a place to start and is editable so that you can tailor it to meet your org's needs.
12 minutes | Leadership & Talent | Manage a Social Enterprise

Board Self-Evaluation Tool

This tool is designed to be used as an annual or biennial board self-evaluation. It seeks to help a board answer the question: what are we as a board now doing well and what can we do better?
6 minutes | Leadership & Talent | Grow a Social Enterprise

Board vs. Staff Responsibilities Chart & Tools Checklist

This chart provides a quick break down of what management/the exec team at an ESE should be responsible for and what the board is responsible for. The checklist lists tools you can use to clarify roles, responsibilities and processes related to governance.
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