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Connecting Employers with New Pools of Quality Talent

Now in its sixth programmatic year as of July 2020, LA:RISE is recruiting companies to join our Employer Partnership Program. We seek companies that primarily need skilled entry-level talent and are open to hiring and supporting employees who have overcome challenges, such as opportunity youth and individuals who have been previously homeless or incarcerated. LA:RISE offers employers direct access to a local pool of well-trained and highly motivated candidates who are prepared for work—along with resources that help employees not only retain their jobs, but advance and thrive long term.


Some previous and current LA:RISE employer partners are:


“At Managed by Q we are looking for a diverse workforce. We aim to give good jobs to deserving individuals. Working with LA:RISE partners helps Managed by Q reach these individuals. We can help them get back on their feet, have pride in themselves again and stay motivated to do better. We take pride in going out into our communities and working with partners to find talented and qualified individuals.”

Andrea Rojas, People Operations Manager, Managed by Q

Benefits of Being an LA:RISE Employer Partner



What an LA:RISE Hiring Partnership Entails

  • Openness to hiring people who are striving to overcome employment barriers, such as homelessness, incarceration, substance abuse, mental illness and limited education
  • Offering primarily full-time, permanent positions or part-time opportunities with potential for career and wage advancement associated with quality performance, skill development and increased responsibility
  • Setting a target number of job slots for LA:RISE hiring consideration
  • Promoting a supportive and inclusive work culture in which employees thrive
  • Providing job postings, prerequisites/screens and application/recruitment processes to the program manager in a coordinated timeframe


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If you are interested in becoming an LA:RISE employer partner, please tell us more about your company here.