LA:RISE is an innovative partnership that unites the City and County of Los Angeles to help people with high employment barriers get jobs, stay employed, and build a better life.

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What is LA:RISE?

REDF, with the City and County of Los Angeles, created a successful prototype of a social enterprise regional partnership in California— LA:RISE – the Los Angeles Regional Initiative for Social Enterprise—unites social enterprises with L.A.’s public Workforce Development System, competitive employers, and specialized service providers to help people facing employment barriers get good jobs and stay employed. This effort has employed over 6,000 people to date, and has expanded throughout Los Angeles County as one response to the region’s homelessness crisis.

After working in a transitional job at the social enterprise and leveraging training and services from the workforce development agency (e.g. WorkSource Center, YouthSource Center, America’s Job Center of California), individuals are placed into jobs in the private sector, public-sector within the City and County of LA, or in vocational training programs. Upon placement, the individual is matched with a retention partner who works with them for up to one year, acting as a safety net in case barriers emerge on their path to self-sufficiency. To see the LA:RISE process, view our Partner and Participant flowcharts.

To learn more about LA:RISE call (888) 4-LARISE (888-452-7473) for referral information.

Over 7,360 participants employed in transitional subsidized employment

Over 4,770 participants placed into competitive unsubsidized employment

Over 4,550 participants co-enrolled into WIOA

The opportunities and services LA Conservation Corp provided has helped me become more independent and prepared for the future.

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Homeboy prepared me to be on task, to present better communication skills, and to be confident in my decisions.

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