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3 minutes | Leadership & Talent | Manage a Social Enterprise

Key Human Resources Activities and Compliance Dates

When building and maintaining an HR function, it is important to stay up-to-date with key HR activities and compliance dates throughout the calendar year.

13 minutes | Growth Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Growing a Social Enterprise: The Vision Stage

This resource provides key operational, social, and financial criteria a social enterprise should consider when deciding how to grow. Social enterprise executive teams who are evaluating the potential of a growth strategy should review this resource and develop their own set of venture criteria.

8 minutes | Growth Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Core Drivers of Success: Growth Capital

Growth Capital is enterprise-level funding or investment that builds the capacity for business expansion and strategic planning. Growth Capital provides social enterprises with the space for deep reflection before tackling the next step in their plan to scale.

Growth Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

The Imperative to Grow

Today’s social entrepreneurs grow their ventures in the name of both financial viability and social impact.

Growth Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Key Elements of a Growth Plan

Intro A growth plan is a social enterprise’s articulated vision and rationale for how it will grow its business in the marketplace and scale its ability to achieve its mission. In order to develop a clearly articulated, compelling, and comprehensive growth plan, you will need to address at least the following considerations: Below, we explore […]

13 minutes | Leadership & Talent | Grow a Social Enterprise

Successful Executive Transitions

This second article addresses steps five to seven, which happen after the top executive has decided to leave. 

13 minutes | Leadership & Talent | Grow a Social Enterprise

Successful Successions Begin with the End in Mind

Succession planning begins with the end in mind.  The leader’s leaving is not the end; in fact, it is also a new beginning – for the departing leader, for their successor, and most importantly, for the organization and all its people.

25 minutes | Employee Success Program | Manage a Social Enterprise

Alumni Services Promising Practices

A report documenting how 15 ESEs best support participant workers after they have graduated from the ESE program.

15 minutes | Operations | Grow a Social Enterprise

CRM Software Analysis

This presentation provides a user-friendly summary of research conducted on different types of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software available on the market.