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About This Resource

In 2022 we kicked off a 4-part webinar the series lead by former ESE leader and now consultant Tess Reynolds. In this series we focused on, the tough but much needed topic, of succession planning.

In the final session we closed the series with a deep dive into exciting and yet sometimes tricky scenarios for succession planning. We discussed:

  • Co-leadership model, with special guests Andie Sobrepena and Kerry Rodgers from Farming Hope (a REDF Growth Portfolio ESE)
  • Succession Planning for Founders
  • Interim CEOs/EDs

We used case studies to illustrate and discuss each of those scenarios. Lastly there we answered any outstanding questions on succession planning to help make the learnings stickier and ensure attendees felt confident implementing their organization’s transition plans.

Below is the session recording and accompanying materials.

About On-Hand Leadership Partners

On-Hand Leadership Partners was founded by Tess Escay Reynolds, who is a Leadership Advisor, Coach and Consultant for nonprofits and philanthropy.  She brings on-the-ground leadership experience and demonstrated success in program and talent outcomes.  Currently Tess works with ED/CEOs, leadership teams and Boards to achieve sustained impact for the people they serve and lead. Her work includes executive coaching, Board development, succession planning and the design and facilitation of staff and board retreats and leadership workshops. Previously, Tess was CEO of New Door Ventures for 16 ½ years.