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About This Resource

The purpose of this document is reflect on your employee success benefits program. This document serves multiple purposes depending on the stage your ESE is at in developing your employee success benefits program. This document can also support your ESE in either developing a logic model, build out an employee success benefits program, or reflect on how you might improve your employee success benefits program. Depending on the stage of your ESE, you will likely find different parts of this template useful.

How to Use This Tool

Prior to completing the worksheet, it is important to reflect on the individuals you employ at your ESE. You should reflect on the individuals that may need extra support when starting to work at your ESE. REDF typically calls these individuals your focus population or participant workers. In order to best leverage this document, REDF recommends having conversations or conduct focus groups with your participant workers to understand their goals, desires, and barriers to achieving long term employment.

For ESEs in Early Stages of Developing an Employee Success Benefits Program

REDF believes having a point of view of who is the population you seek for focus on hiring, what goals your ESE seeks to support your ESE in achieving, and how your ESE intends to support your participant workers in achieving these goals is foundational to an employee success program. In order to do this, it is important to have consensus within your ESE on what long and short term goals your ESE hopes participants workers hope to achieve. Once your ESE can identify those goals, it’s important to identify what are the barriers and challenges that your participant workers face that may prevent them from achieving those goals. Finally, identify what are the ESE benefits/activities your ESE can offer in-house or through partnerships that can support ESE participant workers in mitigating these barriers and ultimately achieving the goals identified.

For ESEs Who have an Employee Success Benefits Program They’ve Been Operating for More Than One Year

REDF believes it’s important to regularly reflect on you ESEs Employee Success Benefits Program to understand whether its achieving the results originally envisioned. This worksheet can support you and your ESE team in reflecting on to what degree is your ESE achieving the results it is seeking to achieve with the employee success benefits/activities your ESE offers. Use columns I-J to reflect on your participant workers, the benefits/activities your ESE offers, and whether your ESE in achieving the results envisioned.