Employee Retention: Support for Long-Term Success


Recorded: September 20th, 2016

The retention of frontline workers can be a challenge for many businesses, regardless of the population. Employers often report high turnover rates and can spend much time, energy, and resources on outreach, recruitment, and retention efforts. As a field focused on providing employment opportunities to those typically excluded from the workforce, we are faced with even more challenges in placing and supporting individuals in gainful employment: removing perception barriers, providing effective job readiness training, and providing retention supports.

However, there is emerging research on the most effective services and models to improve employee retention and reduce employer turnover. In REDF’ past MJS study, we found that 51% of employees were employed one year since starting the social enterprise (either still at the social enterprise or in competitive employment). This webinar provides research on some of the proven best retention strategies and examples on how employers can either develop innovative HR models to provide these supports themselves or partnerships with community based organizations to provide these services.