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About This Resource

You can use this tool to determine whether prospective customers are a good fit for the organization and how likely they are to become customers. It provides you common qualifying criteria used by other businesses and an option to add your own criteria as well as a methodology to evaluate and rank your leads.

How to Use This Tool

1. Before starting to collect information on your leads, you should determine the criteria for deciding on whether a prospective customer would be a good fit and likely to be customer, or not. A list of commonly used criteria has already been provided in the tool. You should consider your organization’s specific characteristics and add more criteria into the designated spaces of the tool (highlighted in yellow), if needed. If one of the provided criteria is not applicable to your organization, feel free to not use it. (Do not delete any of the rows (either for given criteria or optional additional criteria) as it might cause errors in the calculation. Instead, simply do not enter any information in that row.)

2. After you have determined all the criteria you need for lead qualification, you should assign levels of importance to each. Using column E, select between the given three levels of importance: High, Medium, and Low.

3. Once step 1 and 2 are completed, you can start evaluating your leads based on the criteria you have defined, using a column between F-Y for each lead. For each of the criteria you have defined, you should score your leads between 0 and 3, where 3 means highly desirable and 0 means not desirable at all. It is possible that you may not know all the information needed for evaluation, in that case you should use your best estimation based on your research and conversations with your contact and update as you gather more information. 4. When you complete the scoring for a lead, the tool will calculate a final score out of 100 in row 38. You can use this score to rank your current leads from most qualified to least qualified and decide which ones to more aggressively pursue compared to others.

For a helpful tool to determine whether a lead is worth pursuing, download the Excel sheet below!