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About This Resource

Many social enterprises engage in partnerships to enhance their employment program, drive efficacy and efficiency across their business model, and ultimately deepen impact. But as we know not all partnerships are the right fit for your organization. Or on the surface they look like a great fit, but eventually you find out that you aren’t in as much alignment as you thought.

We’ve created a tool to help you evaluate potential, and even current partners, based on what is important to YOUR organization. This makes it easier to pursue, release, and/or keep a partner to help you increase your impact!

This tool can also be used to evaluate your current and/or potential customers. Not all customers are the right fit, but it can be so hard to decide if you should keep working with them or not. You can use this tool to help decide if you are in alignment.

How to Use This Resource

1. Download the Excel template
2. Update your criteria definitions, as relevant
3. Weight the importance of the criteria for your enterprise
4. Score each potential partner and/or customer
5. Evaluate the total scores at the bottom and commit to a decision for each partner and/or customer