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Feb 13, 2024 | 20 minutes | Employee Success Program | Manage a Social Enterprise

Trauma Informed Care Overview

While employment social enterprises are designed to be supportive, providing trauma-informed care requires a transformational shift in mindset in order to effectively adopt trauma-informed practices in a genuine and effective way. Trauma-informed care cannot be provided without first understanding the impact of trauma and the ways in which individuals experience retraumatization when receiving services.

5 minutes | Employee Success Program | Manage a Social Enterprise

Employee Success Program Overview

The Employee Success Program section explores how to 1) design your employee success program and understand your impact, 2) implement key aspects of the employee success program, including recruitment, onboarding, wraparound services and training, and job placement / retention, and 3) support your employee success program through developing key systems/processes, partnerships, and culture.

9 minutes | Leadership & Talent | Manage a Social Enterprise

Hiring & Recruitment Overview

Attracting and selecting the right talent is essential to building a team that aligns with your organization’s mission and values. In this overview, we’ll provide you with practical tips and best practices.

2 minutes | Business Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

SNAP E&T Overview

What is SNAP E&T? View the Three-Part SNAP E&T Webinar Series While the application to the SNAP E&T Cohort is closed, these webinars and slide decks walk through SNAP E&T 101 and Employment Social Enterprise alignment. REDF will be launching another SNAP E&T Cohort in early 2025. If you’d like to express interest in the […]

5 minutes | Employee Success Program | Manage a Social Enterprise

Participant Worker Job Training Overview

Overall, job training supplements work experience to equip participant workers with the skills needed for long-term success in mainstream employment and life.

6 minutes | Operations | Manage a Social Enterprise

Health & Safety Policies Overview

Health and safety policies include a documented set of rules and procedures intended to protect employees from illness or injury caused by their work.

7 minutes | Operations | Manage a Social Enterprise

Data Access, Usability, and Behavior Overview

Data access, usability, and behavior includes how different types of data (e.g., financial and employee success program data) is collected and stored in technology or paper-based systems across the organization, as well as the process of cleaning, transforming, and modeling data to discover useful insights for decision-making.

10 minutes | Leadership & Talent | Manage a Social Enterprise

Compensation & Benefits Overview

A well-designed compensation and benefits program can serve as a powerful tool for attracting, motivating, and retaining talented employees.

3 minutes | Leadership & Talent | Manage a Social Enterprise

Separation & Off-Boarding Overview

Effective employee separation and off-boarding processes can help organizations maintain positive relationships with former employees, reduce legal risks, and ensure a smooth transition for remaining employees.