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About This Resource

This session was part of our 2024 REDF Community Retreat in Los Angeles, CA.

Session Description

Whether you are managing direct reports, overseeing a project team, or collaborating across departments communications can sometimes be tricky, spicy, or totally stalling out. As leaders, we have to figure out how to navigate these challenges to achieve results while also going beyond not causing harm to strengthening morale and staff wellbeing. Sometimes this is a high bar to clear, especially when our own stress is high. 

In this session, the REDF Accelerator team will share a core, and evergreen, section of their curriculum — Radical Candor. Attendees in this workshop will leave with an understanding of and the chance to practice how it feels to combine two approaches: caring about the person and challenging issues directly, the ingredients for effective Radical Candor.

Session Materials

The session materials for our workshop are designed to enhance your learning experience and support practical application. These materials include the comprehensive Power Point deck used during the workshop, providing you with all the key insights and information covered. Plus, we’ve got worksheets and resources for you to try out the concepts and strategies on your own or with your team. These resources are designed to help you understand and use what you’ve learned in your own day-to-day work.

PowerPoint Deck

Radical Candor Worksheet

About the Facilitators

Lauren Jordan, experience manager and facilitator for the REDF Accelerator, is responsible for ensuring a cohesive, equitable, and enjoyable experience for each employment social enterprise leader who participates in the Accelerator program. Lauren is passionate about working with social entrepreneurs and using her skill set to help others creating positive change in their communities. 

Saaleha Bey supports the design and execution of the REDF Accelerator program for employment social enterprise leaders. Her work focuses on program design, application and selection management, cohort onboarding and support, and evaluation. She is passionate about designing programs that are responsive to the needs of employment social enterprise leaders.