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About This Resource

This session was part of our 2024 REDF Community Retreat in Los Angeles, CA.

Session Description

What is a “quality job” and how can ESEs improve the experience of participant workers? We will address these questions with a hands-on workshop, after which attendees will walk away feeling more confident about what “quality jobs” can look like within their own organizations and an action plan for one (or more!) steps they can take to improve job quality at their ESE. 

By the end of the session you will have

  • An understanding of how other ESEs are thinking about quality jobs
  • One concrete way to test or incorporate an element of a quality job into my ESE

This session is designed for ESEs that offer, are building, or hoping to improve the employee success structures within their enterprise. Additionally, these leaders are considering what elements outside of a paycheck promote a greater sense of wellbeing for participants and employees.

Session Materials

The session materials for our workshop are designed to enhance your learning experience and support practical application. These materials include the comprehensive Power Point deck used during the workshop, providing you with all the key insights and information covered. Plus, we’ve got worksheets and resources for you to try out the concepts and strategies on your own or with your team. These resources are designed to help you understand and use what you’ve learned in your own day-to-day work.

PowerPoint Deck

Quality Jobs Pilot Worksheet

About the Facilitators

Ryan Baker, is a capacity building manager at REDF. He manages and conducts technical assistance for REDF’s network of employment social enterprise partners to help strengthen their business and programs. His work focuses on support for REDF’s Growth Portfolio grantees as well as other REDF programs, including technical assistance for employment social enterprises receiving funding through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Ryan returns to REDF after his time as a Farber Fellow in 2020, where he partnered with Goodwill Silicon Valley to support business operations and sales strategies.

Emily Ramirez is a proud queer parent and partner who works as the People & Programs Manager at Global Neighborhood. Emily is passionate about equality and empowerment and dedicates her career to creating inclusive communities. Through her work, she’s on a mission to build a more just and equitable world for everyone.