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About This Resource

This session was part of our 2024 REDF Community Retreat in Los Angeles, CA.

Session Description

Ever wondered how to get your business and employee success program teams more aligned? Do your Business Model Canvas and Logic Model reside in separate areas of your organization (and in separate heads)? Do you wish that everyone in your ESE (and even outside your organization) had a clearer understanding of how your model as a whole works?  

If you answered yes, this workshop is for you! REDF has developed a new tool – the ESE Design Canvas – to bring together an ESE’s business model and program model into a single framework. Seeing both sides of the house at once can help visualize how your business and program connect, integrate, and reinforce one another, as well as identify areas where the two are in tension.                                

Attendees will leave with an understanding of

  • What the ESE Design Canvas is. 
  • How it can help guide the cohesive design and articulation of both business and program.
  • How it can surface synergies and tensions between them.   

This session is designed for ESEs that have relative confidence in the effectiveness of their business and employee success models, while also wondering how they can better integrate the two pieces and communicate their organizational model in a holistic way.

Session Materials

The session materials for our workshop are designed to enhance your learning experience and support practical application. These materials include the comprehensive Power Point deck used during the workshop, providing you with all the key insights and information covered. Plus, we’ve got worksheets and resources for you to try out the concepts and strategies on your own or with your team. These resources are designed to help you understand and use what you’ve learned in your own day-to-day work.

PowerPoint Deck

ESE Design Canvas Template

About the Facilitators

Abbie Flis, is a capacity building manager at REDF. She conducts operational and strategic technical assistance for REDF’s portfolio of employment social enterprises. In this role, she is excited to combine her experience in the private sector with a passion for the power of employment to transform lives.

Dr. Kathleen St. Louis Caliento has spent nearly three decades focused on issues of social justice, including educational equity, workforce development, and economic empowerment. She currently serves as President & CEO of Cara Collective, a social impact enterprise dedicated to transforming the lives of individuals affected by poverty and promoting a more inclusive economy. Cara Collective produces nearly 1,000 jobs annually, surpassing national retention norms by nearly 20 points.