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About This Resource

This session was part of the 2023 Upskilling CE Series

Series Overview

In response to the Community’s desire to strengthen employee supports programming and improve economic mobility for participants, we’re focusing this week entirely on Upskilling. Think of this as a 101 on what is upskilling and how to go about operationalizing an upskilling program.

To bring the learnings to life, we’re thrilled to be joined by leaders from within this Community who will share their own experiences implementing upskilling programs within their ESE.

Session Description

In this preparatory CE Week session, we’ve provided an orientation to upskilling. This is a high-level overview of the five elements of designing an Upskilling program: 

  • Targeted on-the-Job Training
  • Skills Training
  • Pre-Apprenticeships
  • Registered Apprenticeships
  • Upskilling Navigation

The purpose of this orientation session is to help you and your team understand where you’d like to focus your attention during the week. So you can best decide if you’d like to participate in all five topics or prioritize only a few sessions.

Below is the session recording and accompanying materials

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