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About This Resource

This session was part of the Fall 2023 Raising Capital & Increasing Revenue CE Week

Both nonprofit and for-profit organizations are tasked with the work of raising capital through proposal writing — grant applications, major gift proposals, or investment pitches. A winning proposal of any kind hinges on a clear promise of impact.

In this workshop we’ll evaluate the effectiveness of current proposals and discuss the key features of effective proposals. We will also hear from ESEs who are working to strengthen their proposal writing.

This session is designed for development staff, EDs/CEOs, and others involved in raising capital within nonprofit and/or for-profit employment social enterprises.

After this session you will:

  • Understand the components of an effective, winning proposal.
  • Be equipped to evaluate your employment social enterprise’s current proposal writing.
  • Walk away with one more more changes to make in the short-term to improve your proposals.

Below is the session recording and accompanying materials

About Seed

Seed is a community of professional fundraisers and nonprofit leaders who strengthen and scale culture-building institutions in the social sector. Seed’s consulting team has supported REDF’s portfolio since 2019.