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About This Resource

This session was part of the Fall 2023 Raising Capital & Increasing Revenue CE Week

Like any relationship, it is important for employment social enterprises (ESEs) to understand the expectations of their government partner before pursuing and accepting public funds. This 90-minute session builds on the Government Funding & ESEs 101 session by going deeper into the impacts (both positive and negative) government funding can have on an ESE’s business model and impact goals.

We will discuss how different types of government funding can impact program fidelity, overhead costs, and the operations of an ESEs. The session will also explore the common risks associated with public funding and provide tools and strategies ESEs can use to evaluate and manage those risks, including hearing from a peer ESE about both negative and positive experiences with government funding.

This session is designed for fundraising and development staff, program directors and managers, finance/compliance staff, and executive staff of nonprofit or for-profit ESEs.

After this session you will have:

  • An understanding of how a government grant or contract can impact an ESE’s program model, administrative costs, and business operations.
  • Tools to identify, evaluate, and mitigate potential risks of specific government funding opportunities.
  • An understanding how to prepare to target the specific type(s) of government funding likely to be the best fit for their ESE.

Below is the session recording and accompanying materials

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