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About This Resource

This session was part of the Fall 2023 Raising Capital & Increasing Revenue CE Week

The REDF Impact Investing Fund (RIIF) team is hosting an informative workshop that will dive into the complex world of small business lending to employment social enterprises. Together we will take a deeper look into how lenders think about your financials and what they focus on during underwriting. 

If you’re exploring financing options, or considering debt, this session will equip you with the knowledge to make strategic decisions about how to finance cash flow and working capital needs. During this session we will also have a former RIIF borrower talk about their journey of taking on a loan and what’ve they’ve learned along the way.

This session is designed for EDs/CEOs, CFOs, ESE Financial managers, and others interested and/or involved in raising debt capital for nonprofit and for-profit ESEs.

After this session you will walk away with:

  • Tools to make more informed decisions about financing options, debt considerations, and how to get “capital ready”.
  • Better prepared to go through a successful loan underwriting process to encourage sustainable growth.
  • Deeper knowledge about RIIF loan products available to ESEs.

Below is the session recording and accompanying materials

About RIIF

The REDF Impact Investing Fund (RIIF) is a 501(c)(3) debt fund, and certified CDFI, that provides loan capital and technical assistance to nonprofit and for-profit employment social enterprises. RIIF supports borrowers to improve their financial sustainability and strengthen their businesses so they can employ and empower more individuals striving to chart a new course in life.