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Growth Planning

Growth Planning refers to the set of activities employment social enterprises go through when exploring new horizons – which for some might be considering whether to start a new business line or launch a new product, while for others deciding whether to form a new partnership that will take sales or employment to a new level.

Growth Planning generally results in a growth plan, which, when done well, that will help the organization make clear decisions around how to allocate and sequence resources in a manner most aligned with its future goals. Growth plans will also help the organization communicate the ‘why’ behind its ambitions to key stakeholders, including staff, board members, and current or prospective funders. Learn more about how strategic growth planning can elevate an ESE to new heights.

Growth Planning Resources

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Growth Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Continuing Education Series: Fundraising Strategy

This session is designed to equip you to evaluate the viability of each strategy as if you were your own consultant: grants, major gifts, corporate sponsorships, events, and annual giving. You will consider each strategy through a matrix that ranks: sustainability, return on investment, return horizon, scalability, and needed infrastructure.
Business Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Continuing Education Series: Pricing Strategy

Interested in learning how to drive growth for your organization? Join Simon-Kucher, the world’s leading pricing and growth specialist, as they provide an overview of pricing basics, why it should be a forefront topic, and when you should conduct a project. Juma also joined for r a live case study on their engagement with Simon-Kucher and the impact that was unlocked.
Business Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Continuing Education Series: Customer Segmentation & Value Proposition

You will learn about the importance of customer segmentation and the 3 different categories of value proposition. You will even have a chance to draft your own value proposition for a core customer group. Together, we will then identify the most important customer assumptions to test, which is a foundation for the later courses on promotions, sales channels, and pricing.
Business Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Continuing Education Series: Business Model Canvas & Customer Experiment

Get a refresh on (or an introduction to) using the business model canvas to envision a future-state business and then testing the critical assumptions that underpin your ability to achieve that future state. The session will focus on filling in a business model canvas and identifying the most critical underlying assumptions and exploring the concept of lean experimentation.
5 minutes | Employee Success Program | Grow a Social Enterprise

Logic Model Templates

Logic Models are useful tools to help ESEs write out their plan for impact and how to potentially measure it!
2 minutes | Growth Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

SNAP E&T: Tools and Resource Platform

Welcome to All Things SNAP Employment & Training 2024 Cohort Resource & Landing Page Congrats on joining the 2024 SNAP E&T Cohort! We’re excited about this group of employment social enterprises and non-profits that will participate in customized training, access technical assistance, and collaborate with peers with the goal of becoming a SNAP E&T partner […]
2 minutes | Business Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

SNAP E&T Overview

What is SNAP E&T? View the Three-Part SNAP E&T Webinar Series While the application to the SNAP E&T Cohort is closed, these webinars and slide decks walk through SNAP E&T 101 and Employment Social Enterprise alignment. REDF will be launching another SNAP E&T Cohort in early 2025. If you’d like to express interest in the […]