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Growth Planning Resources

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2 minutes | Business Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

SNAP E&T Overview

What is SNAP E&T? View the Three-Part SNAP E&T Webinar Series While the application to the SNAP E&T Cohort is closed, these webinars and slide decks walk through SNAP E&T 101 and Employment Social Enterprise alignment. REDF will be launching another SNAP E&T Cohort in early 2025. If you’d like to express interest in the […]

13 minutes | Growth Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Growing a Social Enterprise: The Vision Stage

This resource provides key operational, social, and financial criteria a social enterprise should consider when deciding how to grow. Social enterprise executive teams who are evaluating the potential of a growth strategy should review this resource and develop their own set of venture criteria.

8 minutes | Growth Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Core Drivers of Success: Growth Capital

Growth Capital is enterprise-level funding or investment that builds the capacity for business expansion and strategic planning. Growth Capital provides social enterprises with the space for deep reflection before tackling the next step in their plan to scale.

Growth Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

The Imperative to Grow

Today’s social entrepreneurs grow their ventures in the name of both financial viability and social impact.

Growth Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Key Elements of a Growth Plan

Intro A growth plan is a social enterprise’s articulated vision and rationale for how it will grow its business in the marketplace and scale its ability to achieve its mission. In order to develop a clearly articulated, compelling, and comprehensive growth plan, you will need to address at least the following considerations: Below, we explore […]

24 minutes | Business Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Venture Criteria Tool

This Venture Criteria Bank & Template Tool can be used for ESEs to generate, refine, and prioritize a set of venture criteria that will enable them to meet their business, social, and operational goals.

3 minutes | Employee Success Program | Grow a Social Enterprise

Program Fidelity Overview

Program fidelity refers to how closely a social enterprise executes its employee success program relative to planned activities, as well as the consistency in which it delivers program services across all locations and aspects of the social enterprise

10 minutes | Growth Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Growth & Product Expansion Decision Process Overview

Growth planning is the process followed by organizations to determine IF & HOW to pursue a new growth opportunity such as starting a new business line, launching a new product, opening a new sales channel, or expanding geographically to a new location.